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Special Events

Strongman Training Class

Our strongmen training classes build total body strength using primal movements with odd loads that help transfer true strength in real world situations. Participants will perform fun, challenging and eclectic exercises such as farmers walks, sled pulls, tire flips, yolk walks, and keg or sandbag carries.

Metabolic Conditioning Class

Our metabolic conditioning classes focus on high intensity circuit-type training using a variety of compound movements with little rest in between exercises to help burn maximum calories. Participants will perform resistance weight training, plyometric exercises and real life movement exercises.

Obstacle Training Class

Our obstacle training classes focus on building strength and boosting fitness gear towards outdoor competitions that test mental and physical fortitude such as Tough Mudders and Spartan races. Participants engage in high-intensity circuit training to improve strength and endurance under stress.

Boxing Class

Our boxing classes improve the conditioning and teach the fundamentals of boxing as a sport. Participants learn proper foot work, how to execute different punches and defend those punches. The use of mitt work and multiple bags are core tools that will be used to improve skill and conditioning for this class.